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Mahan Holding Profile

Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group

In today’s expanding world of technology and competition we always notice the crucial role played by business leaders and directors who make a big difference through their sound management and brilliant line of thinking. These people in facing their rivals benefit from power of analysis, judgment and prophecy and achieve great accomplishments henceforth. Their management skills help expansion and integration of their organization which in turn creates more job opportunities and helps boost the national economy.
It was in line with these policies that Engineer Behrouz Rikhtehgaran Isfahani decided to create Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group in 2002. After more than a decade of operation, the group is now one of the biggest and most powerful industrial organizations in Iran. During their long years of presence in the fields of industries the senior managers of Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group have succeeded in building a group comprising 18 cultural, Sports, industrial, commercial and economic complexes.
In addition to the long strides taken in the fields of industries and winning numerous global standards certificates, Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group has built a powerful organization by increasing the number of its subsidiaries and staff. The companies operating under Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group include Isfahan Petrochemical Company, Bistoun Petrochemical Company, Sarmayeh Bank, Sepahan Mahan Steel Company, Mahan Sepahan Steel Cultural Sports Club, Maybod Steel Company, Mahan Power Development Company, Pouyanegar Packaging Industries Company, Shiraz Flour Company, Dadly Company, Mahour Espadana Industries Company, Isfahan Firouz Sofeh Company, Isfahan Ferogas Company, Shayan Spadana Construction Co, Sad Sotoun Company, Amir Masoud Residential Towers, Mahan Sepahan Mahan Steel Applied Science University, Mahan Chain Store, etc.
These efforts are taken in compliance with the sublime industrial and economic goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The hardworking managers and staff of Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group hope that their efforts will help bring more development and progress to our beloved country.