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Dadly Company

Dadly Company

Dadly Company (Tina) produces different kinds of snacks, biscuits and wafers. The spectrum of its clients comprises consumers of all the strata and specially children. Attracting attention of diverse spectra superior status over rivals have always been the axis of efforts and planning of managers of this company. In the production cycle of this company, three giant groups are active as follows:

Unit for production of puffed products (comprising the technology of cacao and vanilla).

Unit for production of biscuits (waffles, zoo, refreshment and digestive form).

In the beginning of 2006, Mahan Sepahan Industrial Group purchased Dadly and shiraz wheat flour companies.

Reconstruction of the flour factory was completed in the middle of 2008 and it went on stream later that year. The biscuit production line was thoroughly reconstructed in 2009 and put into operation in 2010. Equipment for the popcorn production line was purchased in 2009 and it went on stream the following year. The wafer production line was reconstructed and put into operation in 2010. Shiraz Flour (Mahour) and Dadly (Tina) factories took an effective step in offering diversified products in new packages with the aim of easy use based on industrial designing through conducting marketing studies and research works and precisely understanding the daily needs of the Iranian consumers. It is now taking this very same course, producing different types of biscuits and popcorns in different flavors in new packages. The production capacity as follow: the flour mills are 150 tones daily, pressed biscuit are 1 tone per hour, Normal biscuit is 1.5 tones per hour, wafer 150 kilos per hour, snacks 200 kilo per hour, expanded snacks 200 kilo per hour, popcorn 100 kilo per hour, puff paste 100 kilo per hour.