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Isfahan oven and stove company

Esfahan oven and stove company

Isfahan oven and stove company is considered the first company of Mahan sepahan industrial group conglomeration, which was established in 1969-70 under the trade mark “Isfahan Novin Gaz Factory. The factory changed its name to Isfahan oven and stove company in 1992-93. Since its establishment, the company has focused its activities on the production of industrial kitchenware, including different types of ovens, grills, stoves, etc.In recent years, however, it has expanded its activities to production of office supplies such as different type of metal and wood tables and office cabinets, filling cabinets, etc.While receiving relevant permits, the company is also active in commercial, export and import fields. In recent years a result of expansion of its activities, Isfahan oven and stove company has managed to receive permit from the ministry of industry, mines and trade to manufacture kitchen installations and different industrial products. It has also made efforts to obtain national standard certifications for its products. Isfahan oven and stove company is committed to customer satisfaction through qualitative improvement of its products and activities and is making constant efforts to contribute to realization of our beloved country’s development through abiding by the mission of mahan sepahan industrial development group.