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Firooz Sofeh Isfahan trading company


Firooz Sofeh Isfahan trading company

Commercial companies and corporations have always been one of the most important pillars of the country’s industry and economic cycle. Firooz Sofeh Isfahan trading company, which is considered one of the powerful trading companies in the country, today is among subsidiaries of Mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group that has greatly contributed to further development of industry and economic cycle in beloved Iran through widespread and macroeconomic and commercial activities.

The main trading activity of Firooz Sofeh Isfahan company is in import-export of various consumer and non-consumer goods. The specialized area of the activity of managers and experts of this company, however, is trading in the field of steel and iron so that once Firooz Sofeh Isfahan became operational, commercial activities in Iran’s steel market were further accelerated and by its presence in the country’s steel and its affiliated industries market, it has now accomplished a desirable progress.

What today differentiates Firooz Sofeh Isfahan trading company from its counterparts is the interest of its top manages in the issue of the health of the society through forming sports teams which, in addition to promulgation of environmental health culture would also provide a friendly center for the Iranian youth, especially in the city of Isfahan.