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Mahan Power Development Company

Mahan Power Development Company

Ran’s power industry has taken its course with a relatively desirable growth in the past years despite numerous challenges and existing economic bottlenecks. In the recent years, development of power industry has played a more effective role thanks to the strong and tangible presence of the private sector so that at present Iran ranks first in the region in terms of power grid capacity with 63000MW of electricity. Construction and expansion of various power station by the private sector in an attempt to increase the power and safety factor of the electricity producing grid can be regarded a proof of capability and proper presence of this sector in recent years; a factor that has been very effective in reinforcement of the desirable trend of development of all industries in the country thanks to the supports of the Energy Ministry and preparation of suitable grounds for further participation of the private sector with the aim of achieving industrial, social and economic objectives of four five-year mid-term development plans and the 20-year long-term Vision Plan. In line with the macro objectives and plans of the power industry, mahan Sepahan Industrial Development Group embarked on investment in the electricity industry of the country by setting up the Mahan Power Development Company. With respect to its potentials, the company received license for construction of two combined cycle power station – each with a capacity of megawatts and capable of enhancement to megawatts which are as follows:

Bafq combined cycle power station in Yazd Province: The construction operation of this power station are under way after receiving the relevant permissions, confirmation of technical- economic comprehensive feasibility studies by the relevant organizations, possession of the power station land and equipment of the workshop.

Makou combined cycle power station in West Azarbaijan Province:

After obtaining agreement in principle and confirmation of technical- economic comprehensive feasibility studies, at present the final stage of land possession are being processed.